Continuing from last time, this time as well we’ll introduce some best practices for using hair oil.

The focus this time will be on using hair oil as a styling product. Let’s aim for shiny hair by implementing these practices you can do from home♪

【Styling before going out】

 When using oil for styling hair, we recommend applying it while your hair is dry.

1.Blow dry your hair and do some basic styling.

2.Take an appropriate amount of hair oil and massage it in your hand.

3.Use a comb to work it in, focusing on the tips.

4.Apply the same amount to the middle part of your hair, and finish by lightly stroking the surface of your hair to bring out shine.

 Applying oil to dry hair will create a coating film on the hair surface, giving you a rich and shiny finish. Apply the oil to the tips of your hair, while avoiding the roots and scalp. This is the key to a soft and natural finish.