This time we’ll introduce how to use hair oil effectively. Check out the proper uses of it and get closer to the shiny hair you've always dreamed of.

【Before bed hair care】

In the case you are using hair oil as pre-bedtime treatment, apply it while your hair is still wet.

1 Thoroughly towel-dry your hair after shampooing

2 Take an appropriate amount of hair oil and apply it to the palm of your hand.

3 From the middle of the hair to the tips, grip the hair in your palms to firmly blend and saturate it.

4 Then finish up by drying your hair with a hair dryer

If you have dry hair even after using hair oil, there is a high possibility that the oil ingredients are not penetrating! When you apply oil to dry hair, a coating film of oil forms on the surface, but doesn’t penetrate deep into the hair. The key is to thoroughly apply the oil while your hair is still wet, and then dry it.