Convenient for both hair care and styling: hair oil. However, horror stories such as “The result was not what I expected!” and “My hair was damaged while using it!" are not uncommon. We’ll explain what to watch out for in this post.

You were aiming for shiny, smooth hair, but after applying the oil it ended up looking sticky and heavy! There must be many people who have made this mistake. Hair oil is an item that helps you manage your hair, but if too much is applied, it can leave your hair in a sticky, heavy state.

 When using oil, take an appropriate amount according to the length of your hair (about 1 pump for medium hair), spread it over your palms, and then apply it to your hair.

 Applying oil to the roots or scalp of your hair can cause it to become sticky. The key is to apply a small amount to your hair, focusing on the ends.

Furthermore, for people with less hair or fine hair, it is important to choose an oil with a smooth and light texture.

 Be sure to check whether you are using the proper amount,  applying it in the correct location, and that the texture suits your hair type. Let's aim for ideally smooth and shiny hair 

  VIANGE STAFF recommended hair oil : CRES Natur'elle Luxe Dite

A multi-use hair oil that can also be used on the skin too, made from 12 types of natural oils. An excellent oil that is useful not only for repairing hair damage but also for styling.