Hair oil is an excellent item that has a high moisturizing effect and makes hair shiny and smooth. However, have you ever wondered how to use it even having just purchased it? If you use the wrong amount or use it incorrectly, it can make your hair sticky and cause hair damage!

Hair oil has the role of coating the surface of the hair, locking in the nutrients and moisture applied to the hair during treatment, and giving it shine. It also protects your hair from friction caused by hair dryers, irons, brushes, and so on.

Hair oils vary in texture, moisturizing power, and cohesiveness of finish depending on the product. In order to realize your ideal style, it is important to choose a product that matches your hair type and the image you want to achieve. For example, if you have moist, soft hair, we recommend a product that contains vegetable oils, which have moisturizing and repairing properties. Also, if you are aiming for firm, supple, and shiny hair, try using hair oil high in styling properties to achieve the desired finish.