As we’ve been discussing in the last few posts, it is vitally important to know the difference between treatment and conditioner, so that you can use them properly depending on your hair condition. Let's review some tips about how to use them smartly and effectively! 

Hair damage
Coating with conditioners may not be enough to keep your hair healthy if it has become damaged from UV light, atmospheric dryness or heat. In that case, treatments are the best solution because of their action which works to repair hair from the inside.

Hair length
It’s good to use conditioners for short haircuts where soft, light styles are preferred. On the other hand, people who have long hair may prefer treatments, because long hair has more surface area which can easily become damaged by friction as compared to short hair. Regardless of length, if you have colored or permed hair, treatments are recommended.

Hair type
By experimenting with different treatments and conditioners that provide different results, you can gradually approach your ideal hair quality. If you have fine hair, conditioners are good, as they help make your hair voluminous. If you have thick hair and have trouble with frizziness, treatments may be a better option to make your hair silky smooth.