Benefits of gray hair highlighting

・The resulting color from highlighting is brighter than what can be achieved with normal gray hair coloring.
・The effect is an even, fade-effect, so that even as the gray hair at the roots grows out, it remains unnoticeable.
・The reddish-brown tinge characteristic of gray hair coloring is eliminated.
・It is possible to choose from a wider variety of colors to stand out from the crowd.
・As gray hair has become less noticeable, daily stress is reduced

The advantage of gray hair highlighting is that it can make your hair a brighter color. However, it is difficult to dye gray hair a different color using this approach, so total coloring is recommended for those who want to completely cover up all signs of graying.

In both cases, recoloring should be done regularly, so there is some cause for concern about damage to your hair. To prevent damage to the scalp and hair caused by repeated coloring, it is best to have treatment performed at the same time as coloring.

Gemme Color Shampoo & Treatment prevents fading, and the leave-in treatment Doux Luna & Stella repairs damage hair. If the damage is severe, it is important to monitor the condition of your hair and make appropriate changes, such as switching from color shampoo to a damage repair shampoo like Lishe Moisture Rich Shampoo & Treatment.