YUZU GIFTSET is now available exclusively at VIANGE SPA since November 2022.

  • Aroma Clenging Oil (OK with eyelash)
  • Nail oil NUKKA (containing rice bran)
  • Soin-Mist (mask & hand sanitizer)
  • Essesial Oli &Plate (for your healing time)

This year's GIFTSET has been created with the scent of "YUZU", which has been very popular with our customers.
The cleansing oil has been used by many customers since its launch and has the No. 1 rate of repeat use!
When you hear the word "cleansing oil," you tend to imagine the unique scent of oil, but CHOUCHOU's cleansing oil is different. The fragrance of YUZU spreads every time you use it and removes makeup smoothly as if it is soothing your tired body.

Because of the popularity of this cleansing oil, we have decided to offer it in the YUZU featured giftset this year.
We want to support women who work hard every day. Housework, childcare, work. We will deliver the healing power of YUZU to those who work hard in various ways.

Limited to 30 packages! Now on sale at VIANGE SPA.

VIANGE SPA: 408-320-4940


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