We want you to choose styling products that match your hair type and the style you want to achieve, just like you choose shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type.

CRES has styling products to match your style and hair type.

"Joie Allover Oil" for long, manageable hair
"Moelleu Jell Balm" for wavy, soft hair
"RiccoButter" for wavy, loose hair.

Ricco Butter

Ricco Butter

Moelleu Jell Balm

Moelle Jell Balm

Joie Allover Oil

Joie All Over Oil

Because these three products are all-natural, they can be used on both the skin and the hair.

Foster City now offers a gift box containing these styling products.
Please enjoy using both our shampoo and styling products.

Gift Set for CRES 2 Hair and Styling
This product is only available at VIANGE FUGA in Foster City

VIANGE FÜGA (Foster City Store): 650-315-2436

Hair care + Styling Gift Set at FUGA