By massaging the scalp, a head spa is a way of taking care of not only your hair but also your face. The scalp and facial muscles are connected. Relaxing the scalp will help lift up your face. Just as one applies lotion or moisturizing lotion after washing the face, it is also important to take care of your scalp after shampooing.

For scalp care after shampooing, we recommend ``Senon Scalp Lotion.''
California is known for having a lot of sun. A scalp which is stimulated by ultraviolet rays tends to sag, and when the scalp sags, the face inevitably does as well. Produced in a Japanese factory, this lotion promotes healthy hair growth by maintaining scalp condition. The texture is smooth and blends well with the skin, and contains hot-spring water to improve skin texture. The lotion is formulated with ingredients that help to maintain a healthy balance of resident bacteria, as well as indigo extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties. This lotion will give your skin a charge of moisture and nutrition.

When applied after shampooing and massaged thoroughly, this is a support item you’ll be glad to have for keeping your scalp and face looking youthful.