In this post, I’d like to introduce a few styling techniques for leveraging your hair’s unique composition. People who have curly hair tend to feel insecure about the volume of their hair. In such cases, we like to recommend shorter hairstyles.

Short hair has the advantage of being relatively easy to manage compared to longer lengths. That is why even if your hair has a lot of volume, you can easily give it balance through cutting and styling, which will help make your head appear smaller! For those who are concerned about top curliness, the style we recommend is called “soft mash short.”

By bringing to bear your curly hair’s best qualities, you can create a cute style with a natural, fluffy feel. It's even better if you set it with a styling product so that it stays compact.

The styling product we recommend for curly hair is Moelle Jell Balm. This balm has a different texture from typical waxes or gels, and it also has a treatment effect, so it is great for styling as well as protecting your hair! For curly hair which tends to dry out easily, the result is a glossy and fluffy finish!