Have you ever tried a head spa service?
For those of you who have heard of it but don't know what to do or why, we will introduce you to the world of head spas, starting with the importance of scalp care.

Head spa refers to scalp cleansing and massaging. Cleansing can be expected to lift and remove clogged sebum and accumulated dirt from the pores of the scalp. Massaging is also highly effective in improving blood circulation, which has a relaxing effect on the mind and body, as well as activating the scalp.

In addition to having a head spa done by a professional at a hair salon, it is also important to continue doing scalp care yourself.
Let's start with scalp cleansing using oil.

How to cleanse your scalp with oil:

1. Brush your hair to loosen it
2. Apply oil to your dry scalp
3. Do a self-massage to loosen your scalp
4. Rinse the oil from your scalp thoroughly with lukewarm water
5. Apply shampoo and wash your scalp and hair
6. Apply treatment or conditioner
7. Dry your scalp thoroughly with a hair dryer

We recommend special care once a week.
For the oil, we recommend Joie All Over Oil. This 100% natural oil cleanses the scalp and addresses problems such as scalp odor, stickiness, and dandruff.