In this post, I'm going to talk about a question I often receive, which is regarding the difference between "conditioner" and "treatment."

The role of "conditioner:" to protect the surface of the hair

When washing to remove excess oil and dirt, cuticles that protect the surface of each hair become easier to strip off. That's why it's necessary to coat the hair's surface with a conditioner, smoothing it and providing insulation against external damage.

In addition, the added oil content makes the hair silky smooth, while reducing the damaging effects friction can have on the cuticles.    

The role of "treatment:" to saturate the hair with essential nutrients

Whereas conditioner protects the surface of hair, treatment helps saturate the hair with essential nutrients. A variety of different causes -- from UV light and atmospheric dryness, to coloring and using a hair dryer -- cause the hair to accumulate damage each day.

 It is combating those various harms by controlling the hair's texture, repairing damage, and maintaining the hair's overall condition which is the role of what we call treatment.