“Age becomes apparent in the hands and neck.”

Daily application of makeup, face washing, serums, creams, sun screens, foundations… If this sounds like you, how are your hands? Your neck?

As the hands are impossible to hide, all the more reason hand care is essential.

・Avoid contact with detergents by using gloves

・ Always wash hands carefully

・ Don’t forget sunscreen

・ Use a good quality moisturizer

There are a variety of hand creams. When we were young we liked to choose creams based on their scent. However, what is essential now is “quality.” The point is to use a product based on its ingredients and whether it reliably gives results. Ease of use is also important. A product that suits your lifestyle and needs is more likely to support sustained usage. Not just creams but liquid foundations, nail oils, and a variety of other products are available. Before stains and wrinkles became a source of concern, let’s invest in the future you.