How to use the Beauty Hand Serum

Your hands age as fast as your face does.
Just imagine how much you use your hands every single day. You’re typing, eating, doing the dishes… and just about everything with your hands. You may have a shelf full of moisturizers, body lotions and serums, but nothing for your hands!

Your hands are equally exposed to the harsh UV rays which makes them age faster. Apart from that, washing your hands constantly or every hour or two can make the skin drier and strip it of natural oils. All of this takes a toll on the health of your hands.

Therefore, we suggest you make hand care your top priority this year. Here’s everything you need to know about applying hand serum and the benefits it offers.

When to apply
Remember that each time you wash your hands, you must apply hand cream or serum because your hands become dry and dehydrated every time you wash them.

Benefits of using a hand serum regularly
Why do you use a cream or a serum on a daily basis? For extra skin nourishment and elasticity, right? That’s exactly why you should include a hand cream in your skincare regimen, and in fact, lug it around in your bag for application every two hours.