We're so happy to hear when our customers tell us how satisfied they are with our new product! Today, we would like to share some of the feedback we have received on Hand serum Peau nue!

“I like this hand serum because it absorbs really fast and leaves my hands soft without feeling greasy. It’s not a heavy cream but more in between a cream and a lotion. “

“It creates a nice barrier against my chronic washing. I have been applying it 5 times a day. There has been a noticeable difference in my hands during the last 3 weeks. My hands are so soft and bright now.”

“It’s good to keep in my bag so I can apply it throughout the day and not worry about having greasy hands while driving or doing other things.”

“I was not disappointed at all. This is a high quality hand serum that hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft and finely textured. This is going to be a purse item for everyday use.”

...more and more positive comments are coming in

Hand serum Peau nue is available for purchase at VIANGE SPA, and VIANGE HAIR salons in the bay area.