This year's VIANGE SPA gift boxes include Yuzu scene products.

We'd like to share some of our customers' relaxation experiences with YUZU products with you.

The Gift Box includes the Essential Oin "YUZU" & Ceramic Aroma Diffuser plate.
This is a product that allows you to put a few drops of essential oil on the Ceramic Plate and enjoy the fragrance whenever and wherever you want.

This product is used by one of Viange Spa's customers at her workstation. It helps her relax because she is frequently stressed due to her hectic work schedule. She used a few drops of YUZU fragrance to calm and refresh her mind whenever she was stressed or tired.

Yuzu's warm aroma relieves anxiety and tension while also relaxing the mind.
According to some studies, smell of yuzu essential oil fragrance reduces negative emotions before menstruation. It is also expected to alleviate PMS symptoms like irritability and emotional instability.

With the power of Yuzu, you can bring a moment of healing to your hectic daily life as well as your work.

YUZU Fragrance for relaxation