The length and voluminousness that comes with having long hair: if this is you, we recommend enjoying a hairstyle that takes advantage of the curliness and weight of your hair.

Since the hair has weight, it naturally resists spreading out even when finished in an airy style, which is an advantage unique to long hair. Therefore, we also recommend getting a perm. This will create a hairstyle that takes advantage of your hair’s curliness while resulting in a cohesive look due to the weight of your hair.

A semi-long style which has had a digital perm applied to the hair tips completes a cute look, perfect for exuding an air of femininity.

Moelle Jell Balm: a styling agent that makes curly hair look glossy and includes a treatment effect. This item evokes the clear and fresh scent of lychee and grapefruit, while bringing freedom and enjoyment to your everyday style!