Face masks are not going anywhere any time soon and for this reason, we recommend Soin-Mist.

Experience comfort and relief in your daily masking. Aside from its amazing hand sanitizing properties, spritzing this mist onto your face mask is a game-changer. Allow it to fully dry and you’ll enjoy the light and refreshing scent of yuzu. Made with 66% alcohol you can feel safe in its sanitizing power and relief in the gentle yuzu aroma every time you put on your mask. This is of course part of our Made in Japan product line with our promise of trust and safety.

Wearing a mask all day every day, adding a spritz of Soin-Mist to my mask is a must in my morning routine. It makes a great little gift for family and friends.

CRES: Soin Mist

*We no longer carry this item at the moment.