Q1What should I be doing to protect against dryness during the dry season?
A. Focus on care that moisturizes your scalp!

Relax your scalp, which tends to get hard, with Senon scalp lotion (US) / Heads up Lotion (JP), a scalp lotion made from a balanced formula of moisture and oil.

The key is to use your fingertips to thoroughly massage it in, which promotes blood circulation while loosening the scalp, improving absorption.

Q2 What are some things to keep in mind when washing my hair?
A. Double-check your shower temperature, and do forget pre-washing.

The optimal water temperature for revitalizing hair is 37-39°C (98-102°F). It is a temperature that is slightly higher than body temperature but does not feel "hot". If the temperature is higher than this, too much sebum will be removed from the skin. The higher the water temperature, the higher the degreasing power, so it is better to use lukewarm water. The temperature of water can impact the performance of your shampoo, so it is important to pre-wash and remove some dirt first! Prior to shampooing, you can massage your scalp with a scalp cream to loosen dirt from your pores.

Q3.    Which is the more effective treatment for dryness after a bath: cream or oil?
A. Cream is better than oil.

Oil is excellent for coating, but Doux Luna & Stella's hair cream has oil and water-soluble ingredients that coat the surface of your hair while also moisturizing it.

In addition to shampoos and treatments, it is also important to take inventory of your hair care products. Are you giving adequate attention to scalp and hair condition? Be sure to include measures against dryness to maintain shiny hair.

Scalp care related products from CRES
・Senon scalp lotion(US) / Heads up Lotion(JP)
・Doux Luna & Stella hair cream