Please allow me to introduce a few of the various uses of our newly released product, Dite!

- Apply one or two pumps on the palm, and apply to damp hair, focusing on the tips. Dite provides heat protection against heat sources such as hair dryers!
- When styling hair in the morning, apply two pumps to damp hair. For those with straight hair, expect a smooth and silky result. When using an iron, create light and bouncy curls. Tame even the most wild or stubborn hair. Hair badly damaged by bleach or other irritants restored to lustre. 
- Just before applying shampoo, try using as a massage oil. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. The power of castor oil disinfects the hair's roots, and stimulates blood flow to the surrounding blood vessels to repair the scalp. 

Because it is made from natural oils, it is kind to hair and of course the skin, and that is one of Dite's special qualities. A little kindness for naturally kind people. As CRES's best invention, we would love for you to experience Dite on your hair!