When you want to give a gift that will be appreciated regardless of gender, or to someone of the opposite sex who always takes care of you, what sort of present do you choose?

We offer gifts suitable to your discerning taste, such as relaxing bath goods, sweets to bring you a moment of bliss, or even a tad lavish daily necessities. Let's make someone happy with a gift that will be appreciated irrespective of gender.

This time, at CRES, we will introduce gifts unconstrained by the category of gender that anyone can enjoy.

Hand Sérum “Peau nue Noir”
Unscented. Uncolored. Tap the power of hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients to restore youthful brilliance to your hands.

Scalp Lotion”Senon”
Scalp lotion. Protects the scalp from UV rays and encourages healthy hair growth.

Essential Oil & Aroma Plate
The subtle scent of Yuzu fruit will help your mind and body relax. We also recommend adding a few drops to your diffuser.