Color and bleach, drying due to UV radiation: let's rescue that parched hair now! At times like these, we recommend Doux Stella.

Doux Stella (Very dry, damaged hair) For a moist finish.
・Silk peptide binds to damaged hair, giving it moisture and gloss
・Proteins contained in honey help retain moisture, creating a thin film around the hair that protects it from irritation, and prevents evaporation
・Ceracute acts as a pseudo-cuticle, reproducing the gloss of cuticles, while filling in and repairing damage holes.

Having all these delightful benefits, whether injured from repeated color damage and bleaching, or dried from UV radiation, we would love for you to try Leave-in Treatment "Doux Stella" on your hair.

By adding Leave-in treatment to your treatment routine, your hair will be guided back to lustre! 

Finger-running smooth!

Beautiful from the back! 

Let's take back our hair's original beauty using new treatment habits!